Plasterboard Recycling

At MacNabb Waste we operate a plasterboard waste management and recycling facility producing gypsum powder for agricultural and cement manufacturing industries across Ireland.

Plasterboard Waste Management and Recycling

MacNabb Waste is the only company in Ireland licensed to process and recycle waste plasterboard from various sources. Currently there are no landfill sites in Ireland which can accept this waste stream. Collection of your scrap plasterboard can be arranged by MacNabb Waste, or alternatively part or bulk loads can be delivered straight into our facility in Downpatrick, Co. Down. For our Republic Of Ireland customers, collection can also be arranged through our network of waste carriers.

Plasterboard waste must be kept dry at all times and free from contamination, which helps us to produce a top quality Gypsum powder.

Plasterboard Processing

Gypsum Powder for the Agricultural Industry

Gypsum powder is a valuable resource to the agricultural industry, as it enhances soil structure and balance leading to improved yields.

What are the benefits?

  • Improves soil structure – allowing for root growth, air and water movement
  • Reclaims saline soils – calcium in the gypsum replaces the sodium in clay
  • Improves seed emergence – prevents soil crusting
  • Improves water penetration – when added to low solute irrigation water
  • Improves compacted soil – when combined with tillage
  • Prevents erosion – improves infiltration and hydraulic conductivity
  • Prevents water logging – improves drainage
  • Reduces nitrogen loss
  • Improves soil acidity – reduces surface crusting
  • Enhances water-use efficiency – 25 to 100% more water is available
  • Improves nutrient absorption
  • Prevents some diseases – potato scab can be controlled
  • Increased levels of sulphur – sulphate improves plant condition and growth rates
  • Reduces tillage – improved soil aggregation and lower bulk density of soil
  • Improves harvesting – clay is kept from the roots of vegetables.
  • Improves crop yields – the above factors help improve yields dramatically

MacNabb Waste is happy to discuss and advise on the use of gypsum powder in this way, in order to ensure that the material is being used and handled in the correct manner.

For Use in the Agricultural Industry

Gypsum Powder for the Cement Industry

Gypsum powder is processed at the MacNabb facility in line with the PAS109:2008 Wrap protocol. MacNabb Waste supplies the cement industry with recycled gypsum powder used in the manufacture of cement. The recycled powder offers the cement industry the opportunity to minimise the environmental impact of manufacture, by substituting virgin gypsum material with recycled material. The correct collection, handling and processing methods for waste plasterboard are vital to delivery of a high quality powder product.

For Use in the Cement Industry
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