Recycling Services

MacNabb Waste has invested heavily over the years to create a facility geared towards landfill diversion. All waste is segregated, recyclables extracted and residual waste processed further for energy purposes. The result is a high percentage of your waste being recycled or reused.

Dry Materials Recycling Facility

This part of our plant processes predominantly dry, clean waste eg. From commercial premises or Local Council dry recyclable waste. Cardboard, paper, plastics, metals etc. are all segregated using the most up to date technology, then baled and forwarded to mills for reuse. Recycling rates are high given the type of waste being handled, and the methods used.

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Wet Materials Recycling Facility

To avoid cross contamination of waste streams (for example, spoiling dry recyclable materials such as cardboard), MacNabb Waste operates a separate processing system for wet construction type waste. Again materials are segregated, with recyclables such as rubble, wood, metals etc. extracted for reuse.

Energy from waste

Waste that is not segregated and runs to the end of our processing systems detailed above is diverted into energy usage rather than landfill. Although this waste does not have a value in terms of recycling, it still has a calorific value and is therefore suitable as an energy source. It therefore undergoes additional processing to change it into a Refuse Derived Fuel, and is diverted from landfill.

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Recycling Services